Friday, November 12, 2004

Rich Art Cascade

Everytime I see awesome motive power like this I think my whole collection just sucks. I have seen very few of these in my years collecting and I am always blown away. The realism that also has a toy-like quality really gets me (it is made out of metal, has bright colors and fairly simple lines yet it still is a pretty darn good rendition of the real thing, plus I want to run it!!!).

I wish some of the current manufacturers would throw us a curve ball like this engine. What blows me away is that it was just Dick Mayer and one or two occasional helpers building this stuff. One man saw this to fruition and he definitely rolled some art in metal.

I'm always intrigued whenever I watch those shows where a team of tatooed guys builds a big, kick-butt motorcycle or one of a kind car. I wonder if they could make something as majestic as the above?

Makes me glad my layout is going to have very wide curves!

Thanks Kirk for the picture!! Keep 'em coming!

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