Monday, November 01, 2004

State Set for Sale

I'm not happy about this but it's reality - I am out of room in my attic and I can't keep two state sets. The cars are Lionel Classics and the 408E is an early MTH.

The engine runs like $&(@*. I think there is something wrong with the E-unit and I don't think it is heavy enough. There are some nicks and scratches on the cars, very minor dents, etc.. Let me know and I can email pictures. The set is in good shape and I have heard that the Lionel name has made the Classics collectible.

No the blog is not turning into a standard gauge "for sale" flea market (although it wouldn't hurt my feelings if I help sell some cool standard gauge stuff). Nah, I just don't feel like listing this on eBay, I'd rather sell it for less money to someone on the blog. As you can tell from my posts, I have dealt with quite a few buyers and sellers on eBay that suck. Sorry, no soft-soaping it, my eBay ID seems to attract obnoxious people that have long ago tossed civility out the window. I have a few horror stories.

So if anyone wants this, let me know, make me an offer. Same rules as eBay applies. As long as it isn't something stupid like 99 cents, I probably won't say no. I ask that you pay shipping and I will take it to the UPS store to get packed up.

Salright? Salright!

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Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Ok, I am breaking up this set!! The cars are going to a friend of mine. He said he needed them so he's getting them. End o' discussion....

But the engine is going to the lucky soul that finds me that Dehanes set. Free and clear. Just see todays post!!