Sunday, November 07, 2004

Dehanes F3 Set

Aarrggghh. The elusive Dehanes Santa Fe Chief set is driving me nuts!

Frankly, I don't feel good enough right now to chase this thing down. There are a few floating around out there; most of the sellers seem to think they should go for $4k to $5k.

I don't think so. They didn't cost that much new.

So here's what I will do; the dealer or plain old collector that can get me one of these sets for a reasonable price (something under $3k) gets the above loco. I don't really care who steers me to the set, if I complete the transaction and get a complete Dehanes Santa Fe set in excellent condition for a reasonable price, you get the loco.

I am not going to guarantee the loco in any way. It runs like crap but looks great. Some oil and TLC will make it run absolutely great. This is a simple equation - help me get the Dehanes Santa Fe set and I will give you a nice MTH 408E loco (traditional). I think that is a very reaonable and equitable trade! Any thoughts?

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