Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Leland Monorail UnBoxed

Well, after a couple of years, it's finally here.

The first Leland Detroit Monorails in decades. The patent for the first monorail parts dates from 1931. My guess is that these are really the first monorails that have been delivered in about 75 years.

First off, let me say this box is not for the timid or weak kneed. It weighs 37 pounds and is bulky! There's a very good reason. (later)

This is the usual hobby shelf MTH box. Notice what you get with this set. There's a lot of stuff in this box. I know that isn't terribly descriptive but look at the little text and you'll get the idea.

Ok, this isn't the most exciting set of pics but it is telling. The top three boxes are the cars (one power car and two passenger cars). The packaging is intense. It was definitely designed to take a major, major beating. You'll see in the subsequent pics. There was real thought put into how this gear was packed and it was worth it, the set is awesome.

We've entered the Leland Detroit antechamber The boxes underneath are the hangers, track, and so on.
The hangers are wrapped in bubble wrap. Have no fear, they are well done. Out of the many hangers I opened they were all absolutely perfectly painted. Not a scratch, dent or mark on them. Pretty impressive. But more on the paint in a while....

I have lots of pics, some movies and so on. Drop me a comment on this post if you want me to keep going with the opening....



J. Schnibbe said...

So you finally got your hands on a monorail, eh? Please keep going with the opening!

Anonymous said...

Keep going!

Anonymous said...

Marc, I would love to see the pics and movies and so on PLEASE!! Mark