Friday, May 11, 2007

Leland Revisited

Here's one advantage I have over traditional printed media. When I find some interesting things even after I finish writing I can go back and post after the fact.

To the left is what I spoke of concerning attention to detail. MTH wrapped the end of each track to make sure the pins would NOT get bent or damaged. The pin color also matches the track - nice touch MTH!

Here's a tighter shot of how the track comes together. Again, this track is really top shelf. I hope MTH further utilizes this system. Maybe some switches?

I attempted some tight shots of the power car. The couplers between cars are really interesting. They are just metal rods that go into each car. No, these aren't Proto Couplers or anything like that. I'm not sure anyone would ever need it to be that sophisticated. Once you see how dang easy these are to use, using standard gauge couplers (with the height differences and different standards) is just a lesson in frustration. It's one of the few times gravity will be a couplers friend.


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