Thursday, May 17, 2007

Trackwork At The Summer Cottage

I leave my Standard Gauge tinplate at home when I'm out at the beach house on Fire island. Here I play with some different trains - #1 gauge, commonly referred to incorrectly as "G Gauge" trains, that run on 1-3/4" inch 2 rail track and are powered by DC.

I've had a small garden railroad in Cherry Grove for eight years. This year I'm revamping the railroad by eliminating the 42" diameter curves and replacing them with 96" diameter curves. This will allow me to run some of the more interesting locomotives and rolling stock that require large diameter curves.

Laying the track work, and gardening, presents some additional challenges at the beach. Cherry Grove is situated on a sand bar, a barrier island. My track is laid on wooden support planks, unlike most garden railroad track, which floats on gravel or stone beds like real railroad track. So I go out an collect wood that has washed up after a storm and use that as the base for the track work. This has worked well for eight years. Soon I hope to be able to run trains again, after I finish laying all of the new wide radius track.


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