Tuesday, May 29, 2007

So What's the Latest?

So what's the good news? I get asked that all the time by Standard Gauge Hobbyists! Well, at least once a week. Here's the roundup heading into June, 2007:

There is a nice set of auctions coming up, specifically from NETTE, Stout Auctions and a couple of eBay Live Auctions. If you are in the market for Classic Era Standard Gauge and maybe a McCoy boxcar or two, check all of these out. NETTE isn't published yet however I expect it will be a good one.

Maurer also has some auctions coming up as well, keep checking their Calendar area of their website.

MTH has some substantial tinplate shipments coming up. I am going to check next week with MTH to see "what's on the water". Stay tuned.

Personally I have started a few projects. I ripped up all of the track in my trainroom and started re-arranging things and hanging what little shelving I can. In a nutshell, I am starting a layout. Looks like Sievers Benchwork is the best option, I'd like to stay compatible with the SGMA. My room was trashed and with a few recent acquisitions, I just thought it was time to move everything off the floor, clean up the floor (which was disgusting by the way). Floor layouts absolutely make for the filthiest floors (I don't mind a little filth but when my wife declares my space a "superfund site" and plans on hiring trained staff to clean it I think I should take the initiative. I'm going to run a nice huge oval of Gargraves Phantom track (the one that can handle standard and O gauge) as well as MAYBE an inside track of Standard. I'm going to do a Monorail as well as an elevated section of 2 7/8. Yep, this layout will run DCS pushing AC and DC.

If anyone has any tips, friendly advice or just plain pictures of layouts going up or down, let me know.

Lately I've had diddly for money so the acquistions have been few and far between. I've purchased a little McCoy here and there although I am not a McCoy collector thus I am almost done. I like it but I don't have room for it. I've also focused on some rare Postwar Standard Gauge. The kind of stuff Arno likes. I picked up a UP McKeen Trolley via Rich Art and some Pride Lines items. By the way, I have no idea of what's up with Pride Lines. I've been asked and I don't know. John and his family are private people so if they would like me to let everyone know what's up I will, otherwise I'll wait until they say something. Suffice to say everyone is a bit concerned because we haven't heard from him in a while. His recent works are outstanding.

Typically when summer is upon us lawn mowers come out and trains get stored. The various magazine out there are concentrating on absolutely nothing important. At least in the standard gauge world or in the prewar world, the articles have been pretty weak. I have to say, I subscribed to Kalmbach's "Classic Trains" and it is excellent. The recollections of the various old timers coupled with the wonderful photography just makes the magazine superior. It really does stand out amid its' peers.

I am also planning on attending several trolley museum events. Summer is a great time to get out and see some real trains. Steamtown in Scranton is probably going to my first stop.

Any thoughts on potential East Coast destinations?


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