Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What Price Happiness?

Every once and a while, but thankfully not too often, I think about some of the prices I paid for trains and accessories in the past. Did I pay too much for that AF President's Special? Yes, probably. How about that IVES 324R set, they go a lot cheaper now than what you paid for it. Yes, OK, that's another one that I probably have too much into it. I often hear friends or associates say something like "I can get my money out of it if I have to." I wonder if that's true. I wonder if it matters. I have a friend who makes his living selling toy trains. It's become a tough way for him to put money in his wallet. I can see why he should be concerned about his toy train investments, because for him, it's also a job. But for me it's just a hobby, albeit an expensive one at times. The bottom line for me is that I don't look back with regret at my toy train purchases. These great collectibles have given me a great deal of pleasure. You can't put a price on happiness. Enjoy what you have collected and don't worry about whether or not you overpaid for it. Who cares?


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