Friday, November 12, 2004

The Real Deal

A great picture that shows how accurate a toy can be. I wonder how I could fit one of these in my train room.... Are there any of these left anywhere?

PS Thanks for the pic Kirk!

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alex said...

There's a bipolar at the St Louis Musuem of transportation. Also a NYC S-2 for you 42 and 402 and Ives 4243 lovers. And speaking of 42, for coincidence they have the army switcher that lionel used as a prototype for its postwar 42. All on the same webpage, I am guessing it was put together by a collector.

Anonymous said...

I am very intersted in the prototypes for our beloved tinplate electric locos and have done some research on survivors. Apparently, there are three S class electrics still in existence but only one T Motor, the prototype for the President's Special series of electrics. I have never visited the sites of any of these but hope to someday.

Jim Kelly