Monday, September 12, 2005

3242 Cardinal Special

This is unusual and I am glad MTH chose to remake this set. I used to have a refub flavor of this and I loved the color and style of the set. I gave it to one of my good friend's for her mantle (it looked almost too good to run).

I know the Cardinal was first offered in 1929. I am going to dig out some old TCA articles on it. This represents some new tooling from MTH and it looks like an amazing set. I liked the original Ives set. Does anyone have any pics of the original running?

If nothing else, it is a very nice change from the usual 408E's and 10E's.



Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see MTH doing more Ives stuff. But I wished they'd do the cast iron frames rather than the stamped.

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

I haven't seen any modern era producer roll cast-iron gear. Probably because stamped steel just last so much longer and is so much easier to work with.

I had a cardinal set with a cast Iron Frame. It was a little heavier (the engine) but that's about it. The set is just plain gorgeous, I can't wait to see the production product. I hope MTH has something close to the original (dead on would be nice).