Monday, September 12, 2005

Finishing up on the MTH Catalog

Here's a quick pic of the accessories. The Leland's are offered again as well as the race car set and so on. The 116 station is offered in different colors and the 840 Power Station is offered in the late and early colors.

There are also more Ives sets, 500 series cars and some Ives Electrics.

All told, the catalog is absolutely worth picking up and checking out. Standard gauge would be but a happy memory without MTH, so we have to give Mike and Team a big hand. The catalog has a substantial amount of product from prior catalogs in it as well as a few new items that are eye catching (the Cardinal). There's also an AMAZING number of comet set flavors. I haven't seen so many offered ever. I'll be anxious to see if these new colors recruit any new collectors to the field or if they end up in growing collections of nuts like us that fill our homes until we're committed to a rubber room.

I was hoping for some tooling that MTH hasn't offered in a while or not at all. Here are some suggestions for 2006:

390E's in Comet Colors, Green with an orange stripe, and so on.
An interurban (that would be the 10 and 1010).
Maybe a set of 10 Series cars?
How about a Brass Piper to pull all these Flyer Standard Gauge Cars?
How about a Lone Scout set?

Just something to think about MTH. Look at a prewar Flyer catalog. There's more amazing product in there than you can imagine. The current catalog is solid, no doubt. But what gets ya noticed is not what's inside the box a year from now, it's thinking outside the box that wins the accolades. Looking forward to the Leland Monorails. Keep up the good work!


PS Quite a few folks have pointed out some glaring inaccuracies in the catalog. The wrong cars with the Cardinal, wrong couplers on boxcars, etc.. The only thing I can guess is that the prototypes MTH used for mockups and pics were put together quickly and have some things that are wrong. I am sure MTH will correct the problems before they start shipping!

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