Monday, September 12, 2005

MTH Ives 190 Series

Getting these cars in their original condition is near difficult to impossible. Yes, I know, some TCA folks have them because they were sitting outside of the Ives factory in 1928 and managed to grab a few as Harry Ives sprinkled them on people outside his window.

For those of us that were born 37 years after the Ives Company departed, this is a darn good alternative. 200 Series boxcars are nice but these seem to have more character, especially when you run them next to American Flyer freight or passenger cars. I'm debating about which caboose I'd like to snap up. Since I am completely out of room, I gotta be a little picky....


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Anonymous said...

Mark, I know I am niave on this. The Ives cars-are they the version made by AF? The coupler on the Circus car is what caught my attention.

Many thanks
Tom Deater

PS-I'm getting the villas and might break down for the airplane set.