Thursday, September 22, 2005

McCoy Handcar

Amazing toys come in all shapes and sizes. This is from Bob McCoy.

All I can say is that everytime I see it I am blown away. I'll try and take some pictures of the guy in the chair, you can actually see his facial expression!

So I bought this off of eBay and my wife was royally unhappy with me. It doesn't work; I have to take it apart and fix it. But it is one of the neatest things about standard gauge. It's metal and it feels like... Quality. The only way I can describe it. O gauge handcars don't come close, this actually looks like quite a few handcars I have seen in real life. When I fix this I am thinking about setting up a bumper system where it bumps the end of the track and flips around. I don't see an e-unit or the like in it though although I'm not looking too hard. Any thoughts?


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