Monday, September 12, 2005

#9 Trolley from MTH

Ah the venerable #9.... I love 'em. They are one of the nicest Trolley's in Standard Gauge. Probably one of the closest to the prototype available.

I am partial to the cream and green as well as cream and orange. The Pittsburgh one is nice and kind of unusual. Should appeal to all of those PA nuts that are looking for some traction to run on their layout.

There's nothing here that is terribly offensive (as many standard gauge folks had feared). MTH is giving us the choice of traditional or contemporary. Both are quite nice. These still make quite a racket going around the track but I gotta tell ya, those Pittman motors really make a difference in the performance of the trolley. Yes, I like old motors but this thing really does move around standard gauge track nicely. Dirty or clean, uneven or even with a short or two, this thing still doesn't miss a beat on the floor or a layout. Worth a look.


aprochek said...

At first I was going to rail against the color scheme of the Pittsburgh Railways trolley - the early high truck cars were brown, and later low floor cars were orange, then I remembered PRCo's 3700 series interurbans were red with light grey widows, so I guess someone did do his homework. But not many people remember those, and a #8 doesn't look ar all like htem. So I need to corner Mike at York and put a full court press on him to do the more popular West Penn interurban or PRCo low floor car with original bodies instead of #8 retreads. Is there any interest out there for a new trolley car? Or would I be wasting my Breath and Mike's money?

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

I don't think you are wasting your breath at all. New blood is what keeps a gauge or product line going. I'd like to see Mike evolve some business areas like Standard Gauge Trolleys.

Some trolley's I would like to see:
a McKean
a 2 7/8 Converse Trolley
A 1010 Interurban
Streamliners (like the McKean)

Anyone else have any ideas?