Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Standard Gauge Blog T-Shirt #1

Ok, here we go. I am using Jim Kelly's incredibly great idea. Here's the first T-Shirt in what I hope is a series of cool shirts. This is highliting the rare and extremely cool McCoy handcar.

On the front is the handcar and on the back is the Standard Gauge Blog font. My Brother is helping me with a more sophisticated upcoming design that is a little more understated. Trains are always cool but I like simple logos that tell everyone what the shirt is about without too many pictures.

But don't worry! I am working on well composed pictures as well for more T's! This isn't for $$$, it's because I'd like some train shirts and I can't stand most of the designs out there. Jim's was inspirational and got me thinking about different designs. Any ideas?

The link above will take you right to the shirt. If it is ok with Jim I will publish out the info on the Yahoo Groups as well.


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