Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Blue Comet 10E - Joe Restoration

Hmmm, I don't recall Lionel making any 10E's in Blue Comet colors....

Must be Joe Mania! It is a great restoration Joe did - I like it because it shows how great color schemes (like the Blue Comet) look on trains with drab or fading paint jobs.

I know, I know, trains that are refurbished and refinished are worth less on the collectors market. Ok, well those high end collectors can light their pipe, go into their cavernous 3000 square foot mahogany study/library and take one of their boxed Blue Comets off the shelf and study the trucks.

For those of us that actually run trains and like just watching these things on layouts, refurbs are fun ways to challenge your creativity and fix some trains that might end up at the bottom of a trash heap.

Use your imagination - this could have been the spur line of the Blue Comet (Jersey Central) that took everyone to the boardwalk once they got off the steamer. Posted by Hello

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Gilbert Ives said...

My idea of a Blue Comet set would be an 1134 with AF cars. Of course all that brass would now be nickel-plated. And I'm not opposed to some lithography and/or hand painted accents. Bing and Marklin's top-of-the line One Gauge certainly show a different way of doing Toys for Rich Boys.