Thursday, August 05, 2004

I love those American Flyer Engines! Why can't any of these get remade? These things just seem to get better looking with age! Posted by Hello


Gilbert Ives said...

Rich-Art made reproductions of at least one AF engine -- most likely fanciest brass-piper. I never saw one, though. And now Rich-Art is out of Standard if not out of business.

McCoy made a copy of the cast-iron steamer. A while back, one was listed on Ebay, but it was before I paid close attention, so I don't know what it sold for and haven't seen another since. Unfortunately not pictured -- only mentioned in the McCoy book.

As to why can't they be remade, I return to my question about the true size of the Standard Gauge collector/operator market.
Perhaps direct sales via some sort of group commission would enable a vendor to produce a limited run. Well, I could say that if Lionel being LIONEL can't sell 750 Commodore Vanderbilt sets, how can anyone expect to just offer something without firm orders. And what's the point of pricing at $1,800 if we dump at $900 six months later?

Any thoughts?

urbanden said...

I ordered a Rich Art Brasspiper when Dick first started making them years ago; However, as you may know, he had trouble getting the castings made (they were cast brass). to make a long story short, after waiting 3+years for my order, I requested a refund and cancelled to order. At that time he had made less than 3 of them. You have to remember that this was when his wife was extremely I'll.
I have seen one recently at a train meet, it was beautiful and like everything Dick made, it matched the original, rivet for rivet. Since then I have found an original BP. To my knowledge, one of Dick's employees have taken over the operations.

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Actually, Model Engineering works bought all of the Rich Art hardware, pretty much lock, stock and barrel. I am hoping MEW decides to make the Brass Piper because it is an OUTSTANDING engine. One of the finest. I know a couple of folks that worship. I happen not to worship it but I would love to have one in my collection. I am a huge fan of Dick Mayer, I wish I could clone him or learn how to do the marvelous work he did.