Thursday, August 12, 2004

Hudson Tube Station

Just a great picture I have seen in about 20 different places on the internet. It is Jersey City, NJ (Journal Square). The great thing about Jersey City is that many of the buildings are still there and they have a very nice trolley system (new).

If you want to model standard gauge and you want some ideas of what JLC saw when he was a kid and what helped his imagination get his trains going, take a ride to the Post Office in Jersey City. It hasn't changed for 80 years.

I have heard (an urban legend) that there is an old guy in Jersey City that has a standard gauge collection that would stop our hearts and require us to seek medical attention. Supposedly he lives in one of the beautiful walk ups right near the water. However I have never actually seen or heard the name of this lucky soul.....Posted by Hello

PS That signal bridge looks vaguely familiar.

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