Saturday, August 07, 2004

Nice Layout on AOL

Check out the link above, it takes you to a nice standard gauge layout on AOL. Makes me wish I had this kind of room in my basement or in my attic.

Speaking of which, I will post some pictures of the Glenn Snyder Shelving with standard gauge on it. This stuff is really fantastic. I just wish I had more room for it.

Funny story (not funny for me): I was putting up the shelving last night in my attic/trainroom/office. As I drilled one more screw in place, I felt a whoosh of air by the side of my head.

Two bats had gotten into my attic and buzzed me. Guess they like standard gauge trains as well. A friend of mine came over and opened the windows to let them out but suffice to say I didn't get to sleep last night until 2 am. I know they can't hurt me but they scared the heck out of me. Just not something you expect when you're putting up standard gauge shelving. At least I was a lovely shade of white for the rest of the evening....

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