Thursday, August 12, 2004

New England Toy Train Exchange Sept. Auction

Just received the paper catalog today for the Sept. 4th auction. Check the link in the next few days to see when the online catalog is available.

My experiences with NETTE have been extremely positive. These folks are honest, fast and very reliable. I have not been disappointed with a single purchase I have made from them.

They have some great trains in this auction, most of them I have seen before but there are some really nice things that stand out like the Pocahontas set and two very high quality 1912's.

Been kicking myself for one set and it has been a bear to find - I recently saw a Dehanes Santa Fe set auctioned off and I have been anxious to get my hands on one ever since. Does anyone have one of these? What's your experience with this set? It looks absolutely huge.



Anonymous said...

HI Marc,

I've been meaning to drop you a line to say that I am enjoying your sg blog. I agree that we can't get enough of the wonderful sg tinplate and it's nice to see pictures every day and commentary on some of our favorite toy trains. Keep up the good work!

Please add a link to your list for the yahoo groups standard gauge discussion group:

Take a look at this member's EBAY page:

I wonder what other treasures people have on their most wanted list? I'd love to have a dual-motored 42 with all of the original wiring intact including the AC/DC switch.

Best wishes,

Jim Kelly
standg gauge list owner

Gilbert Ives said...

I don't really have the "Collector" mentality. For me it's all about the design. That's why I don't much like so-called "Classic-era" Lionel since I consider some of the designs truly grotesque and the more than a few of the produced items -- say, a copper-trimmed 400E -- downright ugly.