Monday, August 09, 2004

Trackman SG-2000

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This thing is awesome! I have been looking for a standard gauge track cleaner for years. This really does a great job and without any fluids. I have attached the link on top. I would recommend buying extra pads. Worth every penny!

Here's the long version -

Track cleaners are hard to come by in standard gauge. I have seen some hand made cars with widely varying results. Then along comes the Trackman SG-2000.

I bought this one (in the picture) at a train show in Hartford. It was the absolute last one they had (they sold out in standard gauge). Trackman is made in all gauges by "Maintenance on Wheels" in Temple, PA..

Trackman for Standard Gauge does not disappoint. It comes out of the box and feels heavy and well made. The weight is the part that does all of the cleaning and is the secret of Trackman. The center of gravity on this and the way the weight is distributed is the secret sauce that makes the Trackman such an oustanding cleaner.

I ran this around a dirty track with a fairly small engine and despite its' weight, the engine (with Pittman Motors) pulled Trackman with ease. Matter of fact, me and a few onlookers couldn't believe how easily this thing went around the track. The weight is deceptive (in a good way). The balance of the weight and the way the pad is situated on the track makes the Trackman move very easily yet still gives a very thorough cleaning.

In a very short time, the track was reasonably clean. Remember, this is not a complete substitute for complete track maintenance but it is a great start. I also enjoyed watching this thing go around the track. It doesn't have any moving parts but it is still interesting to watch, especially when some rolling stock is tacked on.

My only criticism (and this is very, very slight) is that I'd like to see versions of the trackman in different form factors - boxcars and tankers. Otherwise though, this is as good as it gets when it comes to keeping your track clean and getting the Blue Comet to Atlantic City on time!

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