Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Caboose in San Diego

Happy New Year!

Tom V. sent this pic of his new work caboose operation in San Diego. Looks like dusk in the freight yard and the lights are just starting to twinkle on.

Been trying to get my hands on a decent #17 caboose myself. I saw a couple of them on eBay but they seemed to go extremely high in price. I'm actually thinking about putting together a little collection of 10 series cars.

There are actually some very nice 10 Series cars on eBay as of late, although quite a few of them have seen the refinishing paintbrush. The trucks kind of give them away (although they are still not bad). I'll put up some pics of the 10's I have (that are genuine).

Back to that shiny 217 in San Diego!!

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Anonymous said...

A 517, I believe - one of my favorite cars that usually sees duty on my layout if I'm running Lionel. What's the big crane scoop in the background?

Jim Kelly