Friday, January 28, 2005

Jim's #10 - Kelly O'Rama Cont.

Here's a #10 checking out the scenery on Jim's layout. Jim, how many trains can run on this layout at once? Is all the wiring done (can we see some night shots)? Ya ever wonder how many of these layouts are down in Philadelphia row-house basements at any one time (probably thousands).

I remember my first ride to Philly from New York. At night, passing all those bars and row houses and stores.... I could just see Jackie Gleason and Art Carney hanging out on a stoop playing craps. Truthfully, for me, standard gauge is probably the only toy train that comes close to that memory. Jim's layout reminds me (a whole lot) of that ride.

That was also my first visit to Madison Hardware. What a mess that place was! But those two guys had everything! I think I was 16 and even then, more focused on girls and a car, I went into a mild fit. I knew I was in a special place.

A friend of mine was bugging me to leave or we would be late for the train to Philly (to stay in buds row-house) and I told him to go take a leap. I'd read about Madison Hardware but never quite got why it was so damned important. Well slap me upside the head, I wish I stayed there for the rest of the day and max'ed out my Dad's credit card (and had my Dad yell at me). As it was, I ended up driving from Philly to Atlantic City and blowing $500 at Merv Griffin's casino. Money better spent on trains!!!

Ah well, that's the great thing about standard gauge. It really kicks up some living memories! Keep up the great work Jim.

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Anonymous said...

I can run four trains and park a fifth. The upper line is a trolley route. I'm working on wiring now. Night shots will follow after I get everything wired up (if I don't fry myself along the way!)

Jim Kelly