Saturday, January 29, 2005

There's the Standard Gauge....

There's the tinplate on the bottom shelf... I wish it was up there on top! Okay, so here's the brief gossip from the show:

MTH is introducing new tinplate around April (York). The debate going on inside MTH is whether the tinplate catalog should be seperate from the main catalog or if it should be incorporated into the Premier/Railking/Accessories catalog.

My opinion? It should stay a seperate catalog. It establishes the tinplate as a seperate brand and says to us standard gauge/prewar O gauge folks that this is something MTH is NOT doing as an afterthought. I urge everyone to go to the MTH website and make sure your feedback is heard!

I couldn't get exactly what was getting introduced in April, however I am hoping for a Green and Orange Striped 390E and a Blue Comet 390E.

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