Sunday, January 30, 2005

Elegance & Simplicity

Just browsing a 1922 Lionel catalog and there it was. Plain as day, a gorgeous layout that reflects a simpler time with architecture and toys that are as much art as they have play value. My son wants to pelt as many trains as he can at my layout when he has control. I love the serenity of the above.

By the way, sorry I tended to ramble in some of the prior posts. I was exhausted from the show and visit to Amatos but I wanted to get everything down while it was fresh in my mind. When I tend to get writing I start to prattle, especially when I'm tired. At any rate, don't hesitate to ramble at me and shoot me all the pics you possibly can! Everyone wants to see the train shows and standard gauge in Redmond, WA, Ontario, CA, Dallas and Atlanta! We want to see standard gauge from every state!

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Thomas Deater Jr said...

Notice the trick advertising. The train is heading directly into the path of the freight cars.

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

I know, I could never figure out why Lionel did that. It did get my attention though. Would have been ridiculous for a prewar customer though, those sets were big bucks then!