Thursday, December 09, 2004

Dead Links

Happy holidays everyone! Some of the pictures links from my prior months seem to be dead. I used this service called Flickr for image hosting and it seems to have died. I guess I got what I paid for (it doesn't cost anything). I'm sticking to Google's Bloggerbot from now on.

Coming up in the next week: Pics of the MTH Dorfan Engines, the new MTH PA Set (384e, etc.) and a trolley (original or not)? Plus one of Jim's finished trolley's from all the pics I have been showing you.

Please contribute your Christmas layout pics!! Also, I'd love to get some more pics of the elevated trolley line on the Yahoo Standard Gauge Groups. I am seriously thinking about something like that for my layout. I have never seen anything so original that really captures the feel of an elevated.

Oh yes! One more thing - I have heard that the next Ward Kimball auction is happening in May, 2005 and the next NETTE auction is in March. Going to be a busy 2005!

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Anonymous said...

Good idea asking for layout photos. But you don't have an email link anywhere on the blog (that I can find anyway) so that people can easily send you pictures and feedback. I sent you pictures a few months back to what I thought was your email address but I never heard anything back and never saw the photos included on your blog. How do we contact you? The elevated line pictured on the STANDG site was on my former layout. I am now working on a bigger layout which will also have an elevated line for trolleys. I am taking pictures as construction proceeds.

Jim Kelly

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Jim, that stanrdard gauge elevated was fantastic. This is embedded in a message so it won't get crawled:

Send as many pics, movies, whatever you like!