Friday, December 10, 2004

Mailing me!

Hi All! Jim Kelly has a good point. I probably should list my email address on the main page but I don't. This isn't because I don't want folks to get in touch with me. I do. If you view my "complete profile" and click on "email" contact it will open an email note with my email address on it.

If I list my email on the main page, when the Spybots and Spammers crawl the blogs (which they do) I will triple my daily junk mail in my inbox from 120 messages to roughly 300 to 500. Already tried it and I know this is what happens. Yes, I know there are filters but I don't want to miss anything from my standard gauge groups messages and people that want to get me for questions or pictures.

Also, you can roll your mouse over the link above and you will also get my email address in the lower left hand corner of your browser. But the spammers won't.

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