Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tom V's 3D View

  1. Ok, I know it's kind of geeky but I like being able to see this kind of planning pan out. I think it would be a little depressing to do this for myself.

    I would probably hack the software and figure out a way to get a few more feet of track on there as well as more accessories thus having more stuff than is possible in one space and violating a couple of Einstein's laws of Physics. This is still really cool.

    My problem is:

    1) I like wide radius curves.
    2) I have diddly for room.
    3) I want a wide radius oval of standard gauge.
    4) I want a wide radius oval of O gauge.
    5) I want a figure 8 of 2 7/8.
    6) I want an oval for the tinplate race cars.
    7) I want to put some accessories on. Hellgates, Powerstations, tons of signals and lights.
    8) I have to plan for all the Leland Monorails I bought from MTH.
    9) I'm kind of like a hungry dog with a freshly basted thanksgiving Turkey in front of him; I will likely eat until I vomit. How much can I stuff on a layout? Enough said.

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Anonymous said...

LOL, Marc. Dare to want it all; it's part of the magic of Standard Gauge.

I have mentioned the Race Car set and Leland Monorail to Russ of RRTrack. He seems to have an uncanny inside line with the track manufacturers and often exhibits new track sizes and accessories before you can actually buy them. If I receive a reply and get his permission, I'll pass it on here.

OK, here's a secret I didn't mention in my correspondence to you. I use RRTrack to construct fastasy layouts that exceed all boundaries of good taste, plausibility, and finite budget. The software has a feature that allows you to create an inventory of parts from your layout, assign costs to objects, and extend them with the count of each object type. It is amazing what you can rack up in a fairly modest area. It is astounding what you can rack up trying to create a Godzilla scenaio in a 30' x 40' area. I really want to see that giant lizard break through lines strung from #94 high tension towers and just try to stomp on a 408E while the Airplane set attacks him.

The inventory feature is not something you want to fall into the hands of your spouse.

Tom Virgil