Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Motor Winding w/Jim Cohen

Here is a motor field getting wound! This is for one of Jim Cohen's Trolley's. Just something to keep in mind, every manufacturer of standard gauge has to do this in som form or fashion. When it is done right, these little wound motors really crank! Plenty of them are still around from the early part of the last century, so we know they last...

I actually spent some time with Jim winding this one. This is one very time consuming process that requires some real accuracy. I couldn't believe how Jim had this down to a series of very focused procedures. Now I also know why some standard gauge trains seem to run and work better than others. This little piece really effects the quality of the whole train.

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Anonymous said...

Does Jim Cohen publish catalogues or flyers? Does he have a list of everything he has ever made and quantites produced? Wouldn't we love to have production figures from Lionel, AF, IVES and Dorfan with the numbers of SG trains made during the prewar era? I have what I think is a Jom Cohen brass IVES 1764E 4-4-4 but I really don't know who made it. My engine is not signed. I know that there was some controversey in past years about Jim's reproductions. Perhaps that is why he keeps a low profile. In any event, I would like to know if he made my loco and I I think it would be valuable for historical purposes to at least document what models he made and how many he made.

Jim Kelly

Standard Gauge Blogger said...


He does not have a list but he definintely does know who made your brass loco. He had one for sale 2 months ago and he tracked down who made it. It wasn't him. He's in the TCA book, I'd recommend you give him a call.