Friday, October 06, 2006

The 1910 in Sheet Metal

Here's two pics of the 1910 (O gauge) in sheet metal. If I do anything with this blog, I hope it is to start a new age of tinplate maniacs like myself building this stuff and not just buying it. These are Joe's great creations. Wait until you see some of the scratchbuilt standard gauge I have found. And when you see the not at all sophisticated parts that when into it, your first words will be the same as mine "I can do that!"

By the way, here is a note from Joe on getting started:

"Have your bloggers check to see if they have any local "Metal Clubs" in their areas. I just joined the "Home Metal Shop Club" in Houston. It is full of people who enjoy working with metal (dentists, professtionals and most importantly retired metal shop workers). They are a wealth of information and can assist anyone in obtaining used metal equipment."

Thanks Joe and keep 'em coming. All you tinplate nuts out there - are you listening? What have you built lately?


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