Sunday, October 22, 2006

SGMA Kickin some serious standard gauge butt!

Just follow the link up top to the Tinplate Times. The one thing about this hobby that I love is seeing happy people! And these were about to see some serious standard gauge metal running around the tracks in York, PA.

I just wish we had pics of the full layout and YouTube movies of the action (in lieu of me actually being there and helping out). Seeing thier happy faces really did make me wish I could have been there and offered up a couple of my trains.

Funny, I never thought there would be a part of any toy train hobby that told me I couldn't do something (like take pictures). Wierd :(


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Anonymous said...

Sat morning I was at the SGMA controls while we ran the three mainlines.

On the outside line was an MTH version of the Blue Comet.
Line two had an orange MTH 408 set.

The Comet had cruise control and would glide through the corners and up/down the grade through the Burplaspa tunnel. I worked the throttle on the orange 408 to keep matching the Comet's speed around the corners so they would run together down the 50 foot long straight.
Horn and whistle blowing together as they passed spectators.
Then the sight of the two observation car platforms, blue and orange, running together off around the corner.

And on the third inside line was Clem's Stomper with its giant unpredicatble armature. The little loco would really build up speed down the long straight and then almost stop dead on the s-curves around the tunnel so it took constant throttle adjustment to get it around smoothly.

Three trains at once and my hands quite busy between the throttles and whistles.

Quite a unique experience!