Thursday, October 12, 2006

NETTE Auction Oct. 11 2006

I stopped by the NETTE auction last night. It was fun and it was relatively empty.

It was at a Holiday Inn and I think there was a party next door because the music was LOUD!

I really enjoyed watching Mark Tobias in action. It was also kind of cool to see how the eBay live auctions work. I always wondered what it looked like on the other end of the auction. They have a big screen flat TV that shows all of the items up for sale and on the Internet.

This seemed like a big auction but one of Mark's colleagues told me the upcoming auctions are going to be bigger.

The prices were totally reasonable, especially for the standard gauge. The prewar O gauge was really doing well. All told the prices were completely decent and so were the toys. It was a great auction for one of their "quick" auctions.
I hope I can get to more of them.


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