Monday, October 02, 2006


I was goofing around with Google last night and I found this site. Very cool. I know everyone here in the standard gauge world likes more than just toy trains. You have to!

Buddy L trucks, Mr. McGregor Battery Ops, Ives Boats; we all like toys besides those amazing trains. My desk has one of those little Marx Frankenstein's on it. You know, the one that has his pants fall down and face turn red!

But enough about my desk. A&E wants to have some archaeologists come and find out if there are Knights Templar buried underneath the piles of bills on my desk.

This site links to auctions, advertisements for collectors, a news area. It's kind of a cool bookmark. I can't put it on my page because it really doesn't have enough to do with our little slice of heaven. But still, for a toy nut...


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