Sunday, October 15, 2006

A real turntable (that works!)

Danbury, CT Turntable

Was goofing around today at the Danbury Railway Museum. We went on one of the few working turntables in New England (or anywhere for that matter).

I posted a YouTube video of it rolling. The roundhouse is gone but the wonderful turntable remains, even through the 1955 flood in Danbury that put almost 5 feet of water over the turntable (hard to believe).

It was really fun riding it and seeing some idle motive power hanging out around New England in fall. The foliage is what drew us to Southern New England. I also got a look at some mint refinished gear like the Budd Cars and some incredible rolling stock. Damn, they'd be nice in standard gauge....

Real Turntable in Danbury, CT

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