Friday, October 06, 2006

Joe's O Gauge 1910


This is way cool. It's really neat to see a brand new 1910 (even if it is in O Gauge). I always wondered what these things looked like new. Whenever I see them they are heavily scratched, even at train shows (which is admittedly rare).

So it's encouraging to see new 1910's. I think this also shows how nice a simple engine can truly be.



Anonymous said...

That is a classy looking engine. I'm used to seeing these dirty, dented, dingy looking things from the era represented. This makes me really re-evaluate the early period thanks to a piece like this one.

I love the Classic Era, but there is something business-like and less demure to this one.

Brian O.

aprochek said...

Marc, considering I live in Houston, occasionally build my own standard and 2" gauge trains, and collect early lionel standard guage and Finch 2" gauge, maybe it would be good and appropriate if you could arrange a meeting between me and joe. Regards