Saturday, January 05, 2008

Celebrate Tinplate on OGR

Click on the above link to go to a wonderful slide show from the OGR Forums on tinplate. It's a wonderful set of pictures that was put together from contributions to the forum.

I know, I know - where are the posts Marc? Heck, this is tinplate prime time and the pics and posts are NOT forthcoming! Well, my work has kept me in my car or on a plane unfortunately and not given me much time for tinplate. My trainroom has now been officially declared a disaster area and my wife thinks she hears a squirrel upstairs in my train room walls (he came in to ride the 20th Century Limited, I just know it).

At any rate, the room is thrashed, there are trains backing up onto my stairs and I haven't had time to write the articles I want to write. If anyone wants to contribute, now is the time. I do have some ideas for new articles that should be very nice. I did get some of those Arcadia books for Christmas; I got one on the New York Central that is just amazing.

That's it for now, keep running those trains!


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