Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MTH 390E Cont

Here's a closeup of the front Southern plate. This isn't a felony or anything, I still like the engine; I'd just rather have other Pennsy or NYC plates. Speaking of plates, the Green 390E with the green stripe has NYC plates. I think I'll ask MTH next time I see them at a show (which is at least twice a year!).

Now this is one thing that frustrates me about the orange and/or green strip 390E. I know the frame on these is straight. Yet if you look at the stripe it looks a little crooked. I know, I know, it's the paint and not the engine.

Let's talk about the paint a little. I had a green 390E all original Lionel engine I sold a couple of months ago. This paint is almost spot on exact. The reason it isn't exact is because the Lionel paint was original and was aged. My guess is that it looked very similar to this when it was new.

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