Friday, January 18, 2008

The Ives 1770

The paint on this is so shiny anytime I touch it I need to clean off my finger prints. I gotta tell ya, it is really good to see Ives on a steam engine.

The original version of this must have been a disappointment for many boys. You hauled downstairs on Christmas morning and expected to find a huge Ives set and you got a Lionel engine with Ives plates. And vice versa, if you were looking for a 390E on Christmas morning and you got slammed with the Ives version, how do you tell your Dad you wanted a Lionel?

Well, nobody will be disappointed with this engine in 2008. I'm glad MTH made it. I'll put up the Youtube video later. I don't have an original version of this engine to make a comparison however I can say that this engine is well put together and solid. One thing that does confuse me though, all of the 390E's except the Blue Comet version have freight sounds. I like the freight sounds but I tend to like to have a choice. I guess my next question to MTH will be to ask how to change over freight sounds to passenger sounds.

So what should we put behind these? What passenger cars would match an Ives 1770E?


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