Monday, January 28, 2008

Standard Gauge Blue Comet Variations

The recent appearance of a Lionel ca. 1935 Blue Comet set on the PBS Antiques Roadshow television show has sparked a discussion on the 0 Gauge RR Tinplate Trains forum. One time I remember reading a reference to someone who had a "Wall Of Blue Comets." How many variations are there besides the more common and easily recognizable ones? McComas & Tuhoy state that there are over 30 variations of the 400E. Are there that many, or more, variations of the Blue Comet set?


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Anonymous said...

I was at the late Frank Petruzzo's(hope I speed his name right)house about 15 years ago. He had, I believe, 11 different blue comet sets. Although each was different as a set goes, there were identical cars in some of the different sets. There are really only 3 major variations with a few sub variations. Early with cast journals, middle with brass trim, and late with nickel trim. Of course there are some mixed trim sets,and other minor variations, but only three major ones. On the 400E's I would think that most of the collectable variations would be handled in 10 or 12 different locos, including the ones in black and grey. There are lots of so called variations in stripe color, and plates but these are easy to fake, change, etc. I wouldn't put too much faith in some of those so called variations.