Sunday, January 27, 2008

Running 2" Gauge For The First Time

There is only a difference of 1/8 of an inch between Standard gauge and two-inch gauge, but there is a world of difference conceptually. I’m a new convert to 2” gauge, but these great electric toy trains have a certain special antique nostalgia and they exude tons of charm with their relatively simple (some say primitive) construction and subdued colors. Two-inch gauge, two-rail electric trains, manufactured by Knapp, Howard, Voltamp, and Carlisle & Finch, dominated the electric trains market during the 15-year period preceding World War I. Only one manufacturer, Lionel, was making Standard gauge electric trains during those years. Two-inch gauge trains are scarce and can be expensive but they can be found from time to time at prices comparable to mid-priced Standard gauge locomotives and sets. You will need 2”, 2-rail track and a decent DC power source to run them, but they are a bucket of fun to learn about, collect, and operate.


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