Monday, January 14, 2008

McCoy Circus Car Question

Ok, for all of the McCoy experts out there, here's a tough one!

First, check out the pics -

In the enclosed picture the sides are silk screened different than any other I have seen-has anyone else out there have one of these, and is this an early production model proto type (not marked on the bottom as such)? I am 99.999% positive this is not a repaint and I have found a picture in a December 1968 TTOS Bulletin of this exact same car on display at a November 1968 TTOS meeting at the Arroyo Motor Hotel. Question 2-In the other picture of a plain cardboard box that the Performer Car came in which at first I was ready to throw away as a junk box. Just before I was going to give it a toss I noticed a very distinct rubber stamped 255 on the side and the end. Is this to a very early unmarked McCoy box?

McCoy experts, chime in!


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Anonymous said...

Hello we found your blog by searching "McCoy Trains". To our delight we found your blog. If you have any questions or want any pictures please notify us at or call 310 277 0690. Also, I am on Facebook.

Thank you again for a job well done!

Margaret McCoy