Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just hanging today....

Just hanging around today. Thought I would watch the Stout and Ralston auctions on eBay live.

The 10E set is from the Stout Auction. It's actually one of the best sets ever (this is the same set as my very first standard gauge Lionel set). It's unpretentious yet it runs forever and looks as good on a big layout as it does on a little circle of track.

The Stout auction has a ton of Flyer stuff. Must be one of the greatest S-Gauge auctions ever.

I'm blown away by those Rich Art Bi-Polars on eBay. Those things went for over $3.5k each to the same guy!

Auctions are funny things. I've seen great stuff go at auctions for diddly and than there's the $250k set everyone has been bombarded with since 2006. Watching the parade of toy trains go by almost never gets boring, it's almost as good as standing in the middle of Grand Central in NYC.


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