Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's a good time....

In spite of the fact that Wall Street seems to be tanking like a 500 series tank careening off the track in my attic, the words of Frank Petruzzo still resonate true: "Standard Gauge is hotter than ever.". Recession, no recession, politics, the internet, no matter what, standard gauge is hot.

How do I know?

Stout Auctions on February 8th and 9th, 2007. A ton of outstanding standard gauge popped up on eBay tonight. Boxed sets, some very nice variations and on and on.

New England Toy Train Exchange on Feb. 15 & 16th. An incredibly hot standard gauge auction. The April auction from NETTE should be even more outstanding.

Lionel and MTH are about to pop out new catalogs and MTH is on the cusp of shipping the first new 318E's (I think the first that have been shipped in the last 63 years).

Plus the Westchester Train Show in White Plains, NY is this weekend. It's always a good show. Honestly, I just like going into the County Center (built in 1924, it is a wonderful Art Deco building).

Still wondering if people play with trains? I was at a meeting tonight in Jersey City, NJ and I mentioned to one of my customer's that I like toy trains. He got a weird twitch in his eye and said he likes to take his kids to ride the #6 subway. He said that when it dead ends it actually turns around under the old New York City Hall and he's seen it a couple of times. He said there was nothing like it.

I feel like I just unleashed another train nut on the world....


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