Friday, January 18, 2008

More 390E on the way....

Hi All,
I've been working further on the 390E review/unboxing. I am going to show a couple of things in the next posts:
An original 390E
An LTI (MTH) 390E
Compared to the new 390E's.
Now here's something that's confusing me. The Green Stripe 390E has NYC plates!
There's also some other strange little items here I'd like to know. For instance, on the box for the Green and Orange Stripe it says: "390E Rev. B". Rev B? What happened to Rev. A? Is this a second generation 390E? It just struck me as interesting that MTH has different revisions.

Also, the descriptions were a bit different. The green stripe 390E is described as a "State Green 390E with a green stripe". The green and orange 390E is described as just that, a green and orange 390E. Yet when side by side, the green's are identical. Was the Green 390E with a green stripe put in front of a state set? Needless to say, if I find it in one of the original catalogs I'll definitely publish it. I know there were quite a few one off sets for department stores and the like. I've seen state sets pulled by 400E's and by 381E's but not by 390E's. Any thoughts?

More on the way....


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