Tuesday, July 26, 2005

1979 TCA Quarterly - 25th Anniversary

I was eyeballing an old TCA Quarterly. Bar none, these are probably some of the best reference materials and all around information on standard gauge. Period. When I was a newbie to collecting standard gauge, I saw my first CTT and thought I died and went to heaven. CTT is definitely not heaven any more. It's more like a nice field with a decent breeze.

1979 was a great year for standard gauge. Check out this article by none other than our retired editor, Bruce Manson. Up top is the rarely photographed Hudson 600E. Next is the JAD GG1 and below that is a nice boxcab by Charlie Wood.

I'll try to enlarge some of these pics using Photoshop. Check out the rest of the article above as well.

I haven't seen amazing standard gauge like this, at least in one year. Ok, there's Joe's Tube Train and Lionel's Hiawatha and Vandy (past tense for those). But nothing like this in one year.

I was suprised by the Charlie Wood item. I have seen that go on eBay and in auction for diddly. That's a nice piece! Here's the thing, it ocurred to me that these could be considered antiques! Yes, I remember 1979 quite well but all of these items are at least 26 years old.

So they may not be as valuable as Napoleon's end table or something like that, but these things are older than some people I work with (fortunately I don't have to work "for").

Check out the rest of the article....

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