Saturday, July 16, 2005

3243 Plus Mike's Box's

Yes, I am a slob. It's largely due to the constantly changing nature of where I store my trains and stuff. I'm not a box-saver, at least of MTH. Those went right from there into the dumpster (the boxes, never the trains).

By the way, don't read too much into the MTH remote, I still like controlling trains with conventional means....

This 3243 runs very, very smooth. Like all engines with front and rear trucks though, it can be very picky about track and frogs on switches. Some engines and sets of cars just aren't as finicky as others. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd have to say this set is about a 4 (10 being most finicky). I could never figure out why old timers in the TCA were always so irritated with irregular flange sizes on wheels. Now I know.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm taking a break from summertime activities long enough to say how much I like the photos of the beautiful IVES repros from MTH and MEW. Marc, either you get these on approval or you have one heck of a toy train budget :) The Wanamaker set is real pretty and classy. I have a number one gauge garden railroad out here at our summer cottage. The other day I finally got around to mounting my little CCD camera on the front of an engine and I made a VCR of the track view. If I only had a video card (?) I could make a jpeg of it. I guess that's how it's done. Anyway, not too much standard gauge activity until the fall for me...except the sg yahoo group, this blog, and watching the action on EBAY. JIm Kelly