Saturday, July 23, 2005

Charging for the site, transformers, etc.

Tom brought up a good point in one of the posts and I thought I should make a quick comment. I do this because I love toy trains, seriously enjoy seeing other people's accomplishments (layouts, scratch building, trains, etc.) and thought all of the internet sites that focused on toy trains were "lacking". In all probability, I will never charge anyone to get access to the site or content.

I will accept advertising. Hold on, don't go nuts. Just finish reading. I will accept advertising from anyone that has anything to do with standard gauge, prewar tinplate, 2 7/8, Buddy L, etc.. It must have something to do with the above because it will interest me and the people that read this BLOG. Here's how it will work: you can email me to get started. I will give you one free year (yes, year) of advertising. You'll get a little spot on the lower right hand side of the blog. You can't have the main area, it's for articles and standard gauge.

You have to get me fresh information (and it can't have anything to do with Postwar stuff or sales on the latest K-Line High Cube boxcars) every month. That's right, ya gotta keep it fresh. It can be sales in your hobby store or on your website, your train show, your trains for sale, your newest tinplate creations, cool tinplate books and video; as long as it has some bearing on the hobby and some interest to the readers of the blog. Like I said, if you think you are going to blitz my readers with the latest PS2 or TMCC Postwar remakes, it won't happen. No guarantees, I absolutely will not guarantee web traffic or any sales because of the advertising.

After July 2006, it's 30 bucks a month. Still extremely reasonable.

I do this because I want to see where and who is selling standard gauge as well as attract them to our site and get them to start addressing us. We are a segment of the market, albeit a small one. Even when you buy beat up engines and cars and refurb them, once you add up the track and all of the other stuff we have to buy (paint, books, lumber, etc.) it adds up really, really fast.

By the way, it is free to contribute to the blog, forever!! Send more pics and stories!

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