Tuesday, July 26, 2005

C&F Mining Train

Since we are on the subject of the elusive mining train, Mark Tobias sent me some very nice pics of the C&F Train that should go on auction on September 10, 2005 (at NETTE). This layout is really nice for a whole bunch of reasons. I defy anyone to take any 10 year old boy to see that layout being run with some lightbulbs and not get 1001 questions as well as numerous requests to run it and watch it. I'm not 10 and I think I would react the same way.

This thing shows that old tech is amazing. The train wheezes around the track and as you can see, the C&F track and layout have enough variations to make this really interesting. This layout and the trains are just plain gorgeous.

I have seen some very nasty debate on O gauge railroading boards about subway trains (ala MTH). People were saying they are "unpopular, not important" and so on. They claimed people that have actually seen or been on subways are in the minority. Something to think about: more people ride the subway everyday (in NY, London, Paris, L.A.) than have been on steam trains in the last 25 years. Lots of folks ride the subways. "What's the point" you say?

I wonder how many kids have actutally seen a mining train? Unless you live in a coal mining town, people that have seen mining trains are probably the minority in the train world (unless you frequent Knotts Berry Farm or are an actual miner). Yet someone in 1905 (this is one of our country's oldest operating layouts) thought this would be a hit.

But who wouldn't love to have an amazing set like this? Just the track plan, forgetting for a minute about the trains, opens up a ton of great imaginary scenes and ideas.

100 years later, this thing isn't a hit, it's a blockbuster!


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