Saturday, July 23, 2005

On Transformers....

My ZW is getting a little "cranky". I'm not sure whether it is the track (a possible short) or the juice that I am trying to pull from it. Running a standard and O gauge set simultaneously used to be a breeze for it and now I can definitely see the old ZW getting sluggish.

  • How many of you use classic prewar power?
  • How many use new power (and not necessarily command & control)?
  • Which is the most fun to operate (or are they both fun?
  • How safe is standard prewar power?

I have a KW around somewhere and I know I have a Rheostat as well.

Hey, speaking of interesting power: you've all seen that cool layout on the McComas Videos that Fritz Von Tagen has? You know, the Carlisle and Finch layout that is controlled with little light bulbs? I have it on good authority that it is going up for auction in the next few months at New England Toy Train Exchange. My chances of getting it are roughly equal to winning Powerball in New York and New Jersey simultaneously but even if there is a chance to see it, I am definitely going.

At any rate, maybe it's just the ZW and track's way of telling me they are both very tired of being on the floor (it will have been 7 years next month).



Anonymous said...

I use exclusively classic prewar power. I have a Z and a V for the trains, and K and a T for accessories. All transfromers are plugged into a fused power strip. The K and the T have downstream inline 10 amp fuses to protect their secondaries against shorts on the layout. Jim Kelly

sam said...

I use a mix, I have a MTH Z4000, a RW and a VW. I do like the MTH as it seems to be a little more constant with it's power and not as flakey as my older units. I purchased this to replace my ZW which decided to die on me one day.