Thursday, July 21, 2005

Beer Train Movie

Pretty cool, huh? My buddy Matt finally figured out how to get Quicktime movies up on the blog! Thanks Matt!

The Blog has been around a year so, kind of like a layout, it's time to make some changes. The first change you will notice is that you are now viewing the log on my train room floor. Yep, that's my floor as a background. I thought it would be appropriate because that's were most trains started out in the first place. Getting played with on the floor.

The movie above is Quicktime. That means:

1) If you want to view it you have to go to and download and install Quicktime 7.

2) You will need a computer that is fairly recent (within the last 4 or 5 years) with a decent amount of ram.

3) You will need a reasonably fast connection.

My bud Matt is going to help me make some changes to the Blog. We were brainstorming today and I think we are going to change the coloring of the blog to match a Lionel catalog from the 30's a litte more closely. Same with the styling.

Now that we know how to put up the movies, quite a few more are on the way. I have to get some server space but that shouldn't be too hard.

Now if I could just get my hands on that Dehanes F3 set....


PS By the way, the trains in the movie are an MTH 384 with some beer boxcars. At the end is a a Harley Boxcar. The movies will get much clearer, espcially as I fiddle with some of the Apple Movie stuff. The little O Gauge pepper zipping around is a %100 original 259E with a couple of 600 series passenger cars. Who says O gauge is for high railers?


Anonymous said...

Great on getting the movie up on the blog! Looks teriffic! I like the train floor background too - very appropriate. Jim Kelly

Anonymous said...

Way to cool. Soon your gonna start charging us to view your stuff :) Gotta fund the hobby somehow.

Clint said...

Man, that little 259E was flying! Who needs Magnetraction?!